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The Pasha seat
Innovative design, guaranteed comfort

Wednesday 06 July 2022, Vestone

The all-new Pasha seat is the perfect answer for the needs of executive and directional settings within Office environments. IVARS R&D team has focused on designing a seat that contributes to make a quality chair.

Superb comfort, perfect posture, refined detailing. Ivars has dedicated much effort to developing a seat aimed to be used on high-end seating. More than just a simple component.

The real innovation of Pasha stands in the particular feature of the outer seat design: once the mechanism is fixed to the seat, it remains partially hidden. Thus, it reduces the aesthetic impact and assure both great design and functionality.

The outer seat can be upholstered with any type of fabric: the result gives an elegant look because seat and outer seat can match together.

This solution includes a cleverly-designed additional frame which covers the upholstery fixings.

Pasha is available in black plastics and has been designed with generous seat dimensions to ensure maximum comfort.

A further feature is the totally stitch-free upholstery, aimed at enhancing both the aesthetic appeal and practicality of Pasha.

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