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Chair Kits

lvars Seating range has been divided into three different catalogues according to the intended use: Classic, Office and Community. Combining Ivars’ wide range of seating components, you can design functional chair kits for several environments.


Ivars Classic catalogue groups together all products that over the years have marked its success in the Seating sector.
Inside, the kits have been divided into two categories based on the intended use: Task and Guest. The former contains solutions for Office, Start up and Operative environments, while the latter includes seating solutions for community environments.
Each section is also grouped by family and contains an exploded view showing the various chair parts, so as to facilitate easy consultation and provide extensive details.


Ivars Office catalogue presents our latest Seating products for the office sector, developed thanks to our continuous analysis of market needs and in-depth research into future colour trends. Many Office proposals have been designed in close cooperation with internationally renowned designers, focusing on ergonomic study.
Inside the Office catalogue, our extensive range of chair components has been divided into kits tailored to suit the different working areas as task, multipurpose and guest. Thus 4 categories have been defined: Start Up, Operative, Executive and Directional.
Each Seating product comes with an exploded view detailing all the different seating components, so as to facilitate easy and in-depth consultation.


Ivars Community catalogue presents the Seating solutions we have designed for Contract and Public Area sectors. The kits offered are the result of a design study developed for guaranteeing you the perfect seating products. In the catalogue you can find many proposals for the environments such as Bars/Cafeterias, Restaurants and Hotels; but also for Educational and Training environments, or for waiting rooms in different contexts such as Healthcare, Waiting Areas etc..
Each product comes with an exploded view detailing the various components, so as to facilitate easy consultation and detailed examination.

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