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Cary, the new work chair. Now also available in an antibacterial version!

Monday 29 June 2020, Vestone

At Ivars, we have always sought to provide timely and effective responses to market demands, trying also to anticipate future needs in the sector of seating and furniture components. Since the very beginning, the value of people has always been our company’s driving force; and placing the Individual at the Centre of all our actions is the fundamental value on which our vision is based.

In recent months, due to the unprecedented health emergency the whole world has had to face, protecting health and life has become an ever more shared priority. And not just within Ivars, which has always been very attentive to these issues.
With this issue firmly in mind, our R&D Office has been working to come up with concrete solutions in order to provide our customers with new, versatile and innovative but also "safe" seating solutions.

Thus we created Cary:  the work chair specifically designed for laboratories, dental studios, waiting rooms (and other community areas) and less formal office environments. We have given it a makeover resulting in an attractive design and superb functionality, even for the increasingly popular phenomenon of home working. Indeed, its styling makes it an ideal choice for furnishing home locations that have recently been adapted to offices, providing both functionality and new styling.

What’s more, as a result of the extensive research conducted by Ivars technical department, Cary is now also available in an antibacterial version, thanks to the recent achievement of ISO 22196: 2011 process certification. Now, Cary can also be made with materials containing chemical additives that prevent bacterial growth, offering clear advantages in terms of cleaning and sanitisation, which can be carried out with ease on all Ivars models in plastic.

As Andrea Balletta, Ivars’s raw materials purchasing manager, states:
"The goal we’ve been striving to achieve is to guarantee an effective response to current market needs providing our customers with tangible support. By doing so, we can, now more than ever, help to foster peace of mind in the face of the fears currently linked to Covid19.
Our seats with plastics at sight can all be easily cleaned and sanitised without causing any damage to the aesthetics or functioning of the chairs. But we have chosen to go further, by also offering the possibility of having antibacterial seat components

We first applied the results of our research to Cary, since we designed this chair for environments used by many people every day, where hygiene is highly required. We studied how we could add appropriate quantities of antibacterial chemical additives directly into the mould to guarantee plastics capable of preventing the bacterial growth at source."

All Ivars chairs in plastic are easy to clean and sanitize: just use a cloth dampened with a mixture of water and bleach (or ammonia) at 0.1% dilution or water and alcohol 70° or even steam-cleaning equipment at 100 °C. The antibacterial formulation of the plastic further enhances the advantages of the chair in terms of hygiene and health.

Andrea Balletta continues: "Seats are usually sanitised by frequent cleaning with a cloth using the mixture described above. But the antibacterial chairs need no sanitising, as the chemical additives contained in the plastic itself migrate to the outer surface forming a film that creates an environment unfavourable for bacteria growth, and so they eventually die."

Cary in its revised design is available in our catalogue in 3 different configurations: stool, classic swivel and 4-star base version. The dual advantages of being able to clean and sanitise the seat as well as choosing an antibacterial version make it perfect for furnishing a range of different environments.

It can thus be chosen for domestic settings intended for home working; for Start-up office environments, which are typically simple, informal and often shared by many people; for laboratories and dental studios where hygiene is paramount; and lastly for waiting rooms or other community areas that are meant to be used by many people every day.

At Ivars, our goal is to make our entire range of chairs with plastics at sight available in antibacterial versions. This will further enhance the "safety" and health features already provided by the fact that they can be easily cleaned and sanitised without risk.
Ivars once again underscores its commitment to providing increasingly effective solutions to emerging market needs.

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