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Fabrics, the new 2023 Catalogue

Wednesday 23 November 2022, Vestone

The softness of fabric, the texture of mesh.

This is Ivars 2023 Fabric selection

The new Fabric Catalogue is the perfect blend of softness and strength, design and functionality. We’ve chosen to expand Ivars fabrics range to provide solutions fully up to date with the latest trends, which meet the most discerning quality and aesthetic requirements.

One section contains fabrics, with a range of eye-catching, comfortable upholstery solutions to ensure every seat can be stylish and versatile thanks to the different weights, wear resistance, fire retardant certifications and colours options.

The other section contains our lightweight meshes for backrests, with a selection that confers style and personality, and a see-through effect that lends minimal, essential styling.

The vast selection of upholstery solutions in the catalogue meets all market needs, from entry level right through to the most stringent fire-retardant certifications:

Italian Class 1-IM Certification
English CRIB 5 Certification

Specifically designed to meet all your needs, each coating features its own unique characteristics.

TTPLA: the fabric par excellence for classic upholstery. With a wide variety of colours, excellent wear resistance, flame retardant in compliance with all international standards; this represents the ideal choice for any need. It has all the features that today’s market seeks from a seat and backrest covering.

TTRE18: stylish mesh to cover any backrest, available in a great selection of 9 colours. A material that allows you to play with shades and contrasts, transparency and opacity.

TTDMHE: this is the latest addition to our catalogue. It’s made of 100% polyester and boasts a versatile character. Good wear resistance and fire retardant in compliance with the international standards. TTDMHE can be used to cover backrests, making them even more comfortable, as well as to upholster seats foams.
Its characterful three-dimensional texture makes it soft to the touch and guarantees high functionality of use.

An outstanding range of solutions, colours and ideas – all presented within a single folder.

Discover our new 2023 catalogue

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