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Ivars presents Borg seat, new for 2021

Friday 05 March 2021, Vestone

Ivars is pleased to present the first new innovation for 2021: Borg seat. Born of our desire to create a wholly "new” proposal for the target market, Borg seat’s unique features make it a component for office settings that really stands out for its refined styling, comfort and extreme versatility.

Designed for being used with chairs selected for conventional and more distinctive offices, in both Operative and Executive settings, it lends both style and personality: with its slim, elegant profile, it enhances and gives a lighter look to the range of chairs it has been chosen for.

At the same time, Borg seat features generous dimensions and ergonomics, meaning it guarantees superb comfort. What’s more, outstanding versatility and functionality are assured, as it can be used with all standard mechanisms, backrests and armrests.

As Alberto Stagnoli, from the Italian Sales Department, states: "Borg seat represents a major new innovation for Ivars, and the wider market, as it represents a seat capable of "breaking the mould ".
In particular, in the self-supporting mesh version, Borg seat is a unique innovation, as its extreme versatility provides clients high level of customisation".

Alberto adds: "...another stand-out feature is its combination of minimalist design – meaning Borg lends an extremely sleek look to the chair it’s been teamed with – and the seat width, which ensures maximum comfort".

Borg seat is available in two main versions:  with self-supporting mesh and with a plastic panel which can be left at sight or upholstered.

1. The version with self-supporting mesh features a special PU pad, waterfall style to increase comfort.  Alternatively, it is also available with our innovative AIR CELL pad.

2. The version with plastic panel gives client the possibility to upholster it or not, using the standard fabric or mesh applied on the backrest.

Both the seat and the panel are available in black. The self-supporting mesh can be provided by Ivars.

For additional information, keep following the updates on our company social media pages and request more information from your sales representative.

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