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Led, another step ahead

Wednesday 03 February 2021, Vestone

Led, the already well-known office chair created for refined and elegant Executive settings, has recently been the subject of a major reinterpretation by Ivars’ R&D Department. So, we can say another step ahead in terms of both design and functionality which means that Led is now available with an innovative and functional variation employing a nylon back bar as an alternative to its distinctive aluminium back bar.

This new option enables Ivars to offer the market a more competitive seating solution in terms of price, whilst also guaranteeing distinctive advantages in terms of design, ergonomics and versatility of use.

The chair with the nylon back bar guarantees the same durability and support as the aluminium back bar, but with lightened and modern lines, thus making it ideal to meet new needs.

Davide Folchini, a member of the Ivars Technical Department Team, just like his father and grandfather before him, tells us: "Led’s update employing the nylon back bar means the whole seat is now entirely made in Italy. At Ivars, we are very experienced at using this material, so when designing the new back bar we were able to effectively solve all the problems that nylon can present, especially during the moulding phase. The know-how we have acquired over the years has enabled us to manage every aspect of design, mould production and chair manufacturing entirely in-house, thus obtaining a truly interesting result.

Led with the nylon back bar retains the same performance in terms of durability and support, but boasts an enhanced design: lines which are cleaner, more modern, elegant and perfectly proportioned – all at a decidedly more affordable price point".

Led is available in mesh or for upholstery with a range of alternative materials, as well as a selection of customisation options. The headrest is also optional.

The dedicated lumbar support is adjustable both in height and depth, meaning Led guarantees, in addition to its superb aesthetic impact, outstanding performance; thus it is an ideal choice for the most refined and elegant offices.

Today, Led becomes your complete solution for Executive locations.

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