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Liz, the innovative, ergonomic model featuring customisable upholstery

Thursday 22 July 2021, Vestone

Liz is the new Ivars model dedicated to Executive Offices, designed to furnish the most formal and elegant workplace settings.
An innovative and ergonomic proposal with an essential design that underscores our commitment to offering not only entry level products but also more refined and distinctive solutions to meet specific market needs.

A standout feature of Liz is undoubtedly the backrest. Thanks to extensive study conducted by the Research & Development department, Ivars has come up with a major technological innovation. Liz backrest features a sack-shaped covering which makes the use of internal foam unnecessary. As this is a totally innovative system, Ivars has obtained both Italian and international patent.

The backrest covering is available both in mesh or fabric and customers can personalise it expressing their sartorial skills. However, the range of options includes an already complete solution for those who do not have particular personalisation needs and prefer to choose Liz with a basic covering already included in the kit.

Another distinctive feature of Liz is the lumbar support totally integrated into the backrest. This not only guarantees perfect ergonomics and an extremely elegant minimalist design, but also ensures the seat is superbly functional. The lumbar support can be easily regulated using the adjustment gear placed under the backrest.
Here too, due to the uniqueness of this technical feature, Ivars has obtained an Italian and international patent.

Starting from a great level of innovation, Ivars has developed a functional and effective seating proposal for more refined locations.
As Cristina Guerra from the Technical Department confirms: "Liz embodies a new level in executive styling with its essential, dynamic lines, lending a contemporary note to the most classic environments.

Characterised by its essential lines and attention to detail, it represents the perfect combination of design and innovation; the result of a successful process that involves research, design and testing. There is only one direction: innovation. Indeed, there can be no economic growth without research and development".

Finally, Liz is available in a range of different configurations: in addition to the option of choosing either fabric or mesh backrest upholstery, you can also add an optional headrest. Moreover, the base can be either black nylon or aluminium with chromed gas lift and castors.
To find out the details about the available versions and select the one which best suits your needs, consult the dedicated configurator on Ivars website.

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