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New Seats

Tuesday 09 April 2019, Vestone

Ivars proposes 4 new OUTER SEATS: Eve, Andy, Risko2 and Liz.
Comfortable, actual design seats for all our range of chairs.
INNER SEATS in plastic developed with the new " go-round moulding system" and reinforced with integrated bars.
Equivalent or better restistance of a normal plywood seat and with an extremely competitive price.


Developed along with our new EVE model, innovative seat with round shape, suitable for any start-up chair.


Dedicated to our new ANDY backrest, but suitable for any start-up mesh back.


Developed along with our new Liz model, thanks to its simplicity is suitable for directional or operative chairs of classic and modern style.


Risko family has been enlarged with the new RIsko2 outer seat. Unlike the previous one, this new outer seat completely covers the inner one with 2 fixing positions for the armrests.

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